linertec LT7PRO car audio preamp overhead view
linertec LT7PRO car audio preamp angle view
linertec LT7PRO car audio preamp overhead view with buttons retracted
linertec LT7PRO car audio preamp product angle view with buttons retracted
linertec LT7PRO car audio preamp front controls view
linertec LT7PRO car audio preamp back connections and ports view

LT-7PRO Pre-Amp Equalizer

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Studio Level Control

If you want studio level control of your music, then the Linertec LT-7PRO is a 4 band parametric equalizer with preamp designed just for you. This preamp equalizer on steroids provides you with absolute control and power for enhanced sound quality.

With 18db boost or cut adjustment controls for each of your high, midrange, midbass and bass bands, you’ll be able to tweak your frequencies to your liking. While the dedicated subwoofer frequency control will help get that bass bumping just the way you like. We also added a dedicated switch for backlight illumination, for those times you want to be stealth or for the day ESKOM loadsheds your car battery.

With an output voltage of 7V RMS, your amplifiers will be running at awesome efficiency with no need to turn up the gain. Giving you less noise and less distortion. The Linertec LT-7PRO is truly designed for enthusiasts, people who hear your music will think they’re at a live concert.


  • Car audio active gain equalizer with adjustable input sensitivity.
  • Master volume control with up to 7V RMS of output.
  • Individual left and right sensitivity controls.
  • Four bank parametric equalizer with 18dB boost/cut.
  • Specific bandwidth for each band plus high frequency shelving.
  • On-board 30V bipolar switching power power supply.
  • Subwoofer level control.
  • Subwoofer frequency control.
  • Gold plated RCA input/output connectors.
  • Dedicated switch for Radio/AUX input.
  • Backlight illumination.


Technical Specifications

Parameter Specification
Supply Voltage 11~15V DC neg. ground
Output Voltage 7V RMS
Parametric Equalizer Frequency
Bass Frequency 50Hz
Mid-bass Frequency 315Hz
Mid Frequency 2.2KHz
High Frequency 12Khz
Parametric Equalization Range ±18dB
Subwoofer Frequency 30~120Hz
Frequency Response 10Hz~50KHz ±3dB
Signal to Noise Ratio 90dB
Input Impedance 15K ohms
Channel Separation 70dB/1KHz
Total Harmonic Distortion 0.05%
Weight 0.42kg
Dimension (LxWxH) T.B.A